What is the meaning of ‘Life Beyond the Summit’?  For most of us, summit brings to mind a mountain peak, high above all surrounding terrain, likely snow-capped, and perhaps shrouded in clouds. We imagine breathtaking views and the feeling of being on top of the world. Perhaps we imagine a sigh of relief after overcoming the many challenges of making it to the top. But making it to the top likely did not come without much effort, toil, and trial.  

While few of us will likely ascend a mountain in our lives, most of us will have experienced a summit – defined as a peak, or the highest level attainable. Once we have arrived at the summit, what else is there? What do we have left to strive for? Is there life beyond the summit, and what does it look like? 

Yes, there is life beyond the summit – abundant life! What it looks like is up to you. What lessons have you learned during both the ascent and descent that can be applied to future situation? How can this experience make a difference in not only your life, but the lives of those whose paths you may cross? How do your trials shape your attitude and allow you to live life beyond the summit?

As a Christ follower, the longest, most enduring experience I have had is knowing Him as my Savior. This was and has been a perpetual mountain top experience! Like many, I have had ups and downs, trials, and even periods of tribulation, but I trust in Him and His promises. The Bible says that Jesus came “to give life and give it in full abundance” (John 10:10)!

What is the summit before you or behind you today?