about steve crowdus

Steve Crowdus is a St. Louis native with a passion for people, ministry, and speaking. His journey in public speaking started in 2011 in the context of men’s ministry and personal mentoring. Since then, he has been presented with opportunities to speak outside of church ministry and is looking forward to broadening his influence in the local community and beyond.

While Steve is pursuing his passion for public speaking, he is also an entrepreneur, and owns Crowdus Custom Homes and Remodeling, which he founded in 1994. Steve graduated from the University of Missouri – St. Louis, with a degree in Business Administration, and started his career in sales and marketing within the process control industry. His time spent in this field helped Steve build his skills in service and project management and interfacing with engineers, software specialists, plant and production personnel, and executive management. During his career, he has traveled extensively throughout the United States, to Central and South America, and to Canada.

Steve’s 16 years in corporate America and 25 years in small business have influenced the way he communicates and engages with others. His experiences have also helped him to truly appreciate all cultures and people groups, equipped him with exceptional communication skills, and give him an invaluable understanding of human connection.